Hanging Curtains Don’t Forget the Rods and Finials!

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Probably one of essentially the most overlooked features of window are the curtain rods and finials. For considerably of people this could be the last thing they ponder if they’ve chosen a curtain that covers most (if not all) with the curtain rod anyway. Who cares what it looks similar to? Well, someday you may adore love with a curtain style, such as a control button tabbed curtain, that prominently displays the rod first before the normal. You don’t want a $2 tin stick beside your adorable window treatments, you need something that makes the exact same statement as the draperies.

This overlooked feature can bring pizzazz to your decor and needs to check both the window as well as the curtains you have chosen, as well as be appropriately functional.Hardware for window treatments is available in a large variety of styles. Some curtain rods are designed to be covered by the curtains, while others are best displayed prominently due as their highly decorative nature. If your rod is meant for featured you could hang the curtains from decorative rings sewn into the top panel. Considering both the curtain and the rod at the same time curtain rods will save you the disappointment of having pieces that don’t complement various other.

Today’s Lesson: Do just what finials are? They are the decorative ends during the curtain curtain rod. I didn’t know their official name for several years or more. I just called them “ends of the curtain fly fishing line.” They can be wooden, wrought-iron, glass, or silicone.Finials can range widely in price, coming from the $2 plastic pieces to $100 very heavy fancy pieces. Consider your budget but also know that what you choose will make a certain statement in the room and that statement lasts longer towards the effects of spending a little extra profit. You also have become sure the finials will fit an individual are hanging the window curtain. Consider the shape of one’s window as well as the molding around it. Some cases there just isn’t room for giant fancy finials, nor can it be always appropriate for the associated with curtain you’ve chosen.